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Peerless Travel Services

"PEERLESS TRAVEL & TOURS tiene mas de 30 años de servicio al publico - Registrada y con licencia del Departamento del Tesoro (OFAC - TPS) autorizada para hacer todo lo referente a boletos, documentos, pasaportes, visas etc.. a personas viajando a Cuba, ya sean grupos, cubanos nacionalizados,  o ciudadanos americanos..."


"PEERLESS TRAVEL & TOURS - has more than 30 years in the travel business - Registered  and  licensed  by the  U.S.  Department  of  the Treasury (OFAC -TPS), authorized to make all travel arrangements to Cuba, visas, airline tickets, affidavits, passports, etc...  We, the owners of Peerless Travel & Tours, are Cubans and with our experience and expertise can offer you the best places and prices on your trip to Cuba - We specialize in groups, private tours, and individual tours of the island. ..."


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Olga and Machado.


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